Due to increasing volumes of data produced by drones, surveillance cameras, body cams and dash cams, it is apparent organizations are now storing more data than ever before. With so many surveillance files being created it's becoming clearer that many companies require dense storage. The SteelHawk is the perfect fit due to 45 Drives' security knowledge and project management experience that has been built on many years of surveillance and security expertise.

Steelhawk Product Line

Clustering Steelhawk

Run multiple Steelhawk Servers in a cluster

Higher level of availability, reliability, and scalability

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Steelhawk Features

  • Lowest Cost
    per TB
    Stretch your budget further.
  • Massive Storage Up to 720TB*
    in a 4U enclosure.
  • Highest Reliability
    and Compatibility
    Greatly reduced circuit board count.
  • Fast Processing High powered CPU and extra RAM for fast footage processing
  • Exceptional
    Customer Service
    Our Commitment is to Have You Up and Running - at the Performance that We Promised You.
  • Clustering Ability Clustering expertise for large projects
  • Data Security Protection through fully redundant RAID arrays and Power Supply.
  • No Interruptions Designed for continuous operation. Hot swappable components.
  • Software Agnostic Compatible with almost any VMS / NVR running on any environment

Surveillance Hard Drives

Ultra-fast, reliable servers deserve ultra-fast, reliable drives.

Surveillance hard drives match the durability and stability of our Steelhawk storage server, especially for higher-availability applications. Regardless of your storage needs, you can depend on these drives to maintain maximum performance and data integrity.

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Typical Surveillance Set-up